Making Life Better for Students

Today’s guest post comes from Thomas Reives, a contract manufacturing operations manager at Lilly. Thomas is a member of Lilly’s African American Network, an employee resource group (ERG), and an active mentor of young people in his community, as you’ll see below.

Why do I work at Lilly? I’m asked that question fairly often, and I’ve got a few good reasons.

Respect for people, excellence and integrity: Through my time at Lilly, I have come to realize these company values are far more than just words in print. Lilly works for me, simply because we both choose to work for the benefit of others and strive for excellence in whatever it is we do.

Lilly values community service: Lilly actively encourages me to get involved with programs such as the Center for Leadership Development in an effort to make life better – something we strive to do through our daily work. I have had the opportunity to participate in Habitat for Humanity builds, Global Day of Service activities and other community programs. This past winter and spring, I even spent time coaching an all-female youth First Lego League robotics team with a few coworkers competing with teams from around the state!

Lilly embraces diversity: In fact, the company’s first ERG, the African American Network, hosts an annual forum that seeks to promote career and personal development for employees and a richer, more inclusive workplace culture through employee advocacy. Lilly values people from all walks of life who bring different perspectives to solve complex problems. As an engineer, respecting dynamic approaches is critical as I work with people all over the world. With Lilly presences in more than 90 countries, I recently had the opportunity to visit our operations in Italy and France. Our commitment to providing trusted, quality medicines for patients remains the same no matter what continent we’re on or which language we speak. Plus, on a personal level, I love learning about other cultures and visiting places like I did this summer in Thailand and last fall in Spain (pictured below).

Thomas Reives - Travel 3 - Spain

Lilly supports healthy, active lifestyles for individuals and communities: I was lucky enough to have experienced Lilly for the first time through internships while studying mechanical engineering at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. After going back to school to complete my Master of Science in Engineering Management at Rose, I gained employment at another company, yet came to realize all the reasons I value Lilly as an employer. I can truly say, after returning in 2012, that I appreciate how I can bring my experiences and perspective to work each day. I also played football and ran track and field in college, so it is important for me to stay active. I exercise at the CityWay YMCA near Lilly headquarters; play in organized flag football, basketball and softball leagues through Lilly; work with a talented network of coworkers and friends; and feel that my work and service improve the community where I live.

That’s it in a nutshell: I work for Lilly because Lilly works for me. When it comes down to it, we are almost one and the same.


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