A Picture Tells Millions of Words

Sometimes, pictures tell better stories than words. Today, I'm going to let our corporate website do most of the talking.

We often talk about the direct and indirect impact of the biopharmaceutical industry -- in other words, the effect our industry has on employment in and around our community. Hopefully, we've painted a vivid of picture of "indirect impact" -- but if not, we have one for you today.

For the third consecutive year, Lilly has published a map of Indiana on Lilly.com that calculates the amount of money we spend on business partners. In 2012, Lilly spent $978 million on various contractors and consultants across the Hoosier state. From clinical research organizations to construction contractors, Lilly was an important partner for more than 1,000 vendors in Indiana last year. In turn, they were important partners for us in our work innovating new medicines for patients around the world.

You can scroll across the map (or use the key to find your favorite county) to break the numbers down at local levels. We hope this map demonstrates more about our presence in Indiana and why the biopharmaceutical industry is an important cog in our nation's economy.