Survey says! A Glimpse Into CISCRP 2015 Survey Results

Every other year, the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation (CISCRP) conducts a widespread survey measuring people’s perceptions, motivations, and experiences with clinical research. The most recent survey was conducted online between April and May 2015. More than 12,000 people worldwide participated, representing the largest global assessment of this type ever done.

This kind of input from people is a treasure-trove of information. We’ve been working with CISCRP on creating a data-rich, interactive look at the full report, and we plan to publish it next week, in celebration of International Clinical Trials Day. As a sub-set of that data, we examine the reasons people decide to participate or not participate in clinical research. 

Survey says:

  1. The top perceived reasons people choose to participate in research are to find a cure or better treatment, to help scientists understand more about how to treat a disease or condition, to receive compensation, and to help others. These results were similar to the 2013 survey.
  2. Among the 26% of survey participants who had previously participated in clinical research, their reasons for participating take an altruistic angle, such as helping to advance the science in a given condition and helping others, in addition to the desire to obtain better treatment for their own conditions.
  3. Among respondents who are not willing to participate in a research study, the most common reasons are an unwillingness to take a chance with their health and concerns about the risks associated with research.

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CISCRP is a Boston-based independent nonprofit organization founded in 2003 with a global focus on researching people’s perceptions of clinical research and providing educational materials.

What’s your reaction to these findings? If you had taken the survey, would you have answered in the same way? Drop us a line below or @LillyTrials on Twitter to let us know your reasons for participating or not participating in clinical research.