Molecule Madness

At the beginning of each NCAA Division I Men's Basketball season, there are hundreds of active teams. Through months of early tournaments, regular season games, conference play and the March Madness tournament, these athletes fight for the right to be named "champions." The story of drug discovery is actually not so different.

Statistically speaking, there are more failures than successes - in both basketball and research. The overall probability of clinical success — the likelihood that a drug entering clinical testing will eventually be approved — is estimated to be less than 12%. We start with thousands of eligible molecules. Through complex research, global collaboration, and a rigorous testing and approval process those numbers are whittled down to one "champion" - the medicine that goes to market.

Despite many challenges and risks that present themselves throughout the discovery process, the reward of developing life-changing treatments helps drive an industry committed to improving global health. We're sure the winners of each year’s March Madness championship game feel as if their ups and downs were worth it, too.