LEAP Fights Diabetes in China

Today’s guest blog comes from Brian Regele, a senior director in Lilly’s Emerging Markets unit. He leads the Lilly Expanding Access for People (LEAP) initiative.

At Lilly, we’re always seeking to evolve how we work on behalf of people. In recent years, we’ve noted a trend toward deeper, smarter engagement that connects social impact with a company’s core mission. This exciting model, which merges people’s needs with purposeful business operations, is called shared value. It is a new way to achieve success and forms the basis of LEAP, a Lilly initiative in China.

LEAP will focus on improving access to diabetes care in smaller communities in China’s northeastern provinces. That country has the world’s largest diabetes population—of the 400 million people globally with diabetes, one in every four is there.

LEAP addresses a critical gap that the Chinese government itself has noted: limited high-quality, community-based diabetes education and care. Nuances of local culture are considered. And the “shared” part of shared value in LEAP comes from helping people with diabetes today while responsibly creating a more favorable landscape for future business development.

When it comes to solving complex global health challenges, evolving is crucial. We know we must adapt approaches to reach more people and save lives, and shared value can help create change for good.


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