The Heart of Teamwork

CHA Ambassador With Child - 2015 - cropUnselfish. Tough. Resilient. That’s how Peyton Manning described his Broncos team after Denver defeated the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. I like those attributes, because they also describe the teams of Lilly ambassadors that volunteer each year with our Connecting Hearts Abroad global service program. These teams, too, are unselfish, tough, resilient. They work tirelessly with our partners to make life better for people in need.

Hundreds of employees from Lilly operations in nearly 50 countries applied to serve on 11 soon-to-be-named teams set to deploy in 2016. These candidates represent every area of our business. This diversity is one of the service program’s greatest strengths.


We’ll announce the Lilly ambassadors for 2016 on March 4, and we’ll be sure to share their experiences throughout the year. In the meantime, see more of their stories here.