At Lilly, HCPs Make Innovation Possible

Yolanda Johnson-Moton.JPG

As Director for External Relations at Eli Lilly and Company, Yolanda Johnson-Moton works to enhance Lilly’s partnerships with US external stakeholders. Currently, Yolanda is working on developing medical student and resident partnership programs between Lilly USA and the academic medical community.

Patients are at the center of everything we do at Lilly. To truly deliver great health outcomes for patients, we must have a deep understanding of their medical needs. The many health care providers working at Lilly, including doctors, nurses and pharmacists, came here to fulfill their desire to serve patients on a broad scale.

Throughout Lilly, a diverse team of medical professionals play a vital role in bringing new and innovative medicines to patients. They bring their clinical experience and passion for patient care to drug discovery and development, as highlighted by a new video released today by the company.

The depth and breadth of medical expertise at Lilly extends broadly, to clinical research, bioethics, regulatory, medical information, quality assurance, epidemiology and beyond. Health care providers working at Lilly include more than 500 physicians, 700 pharmacists,and 1,400 scientists.

These health care providers deliver answers to often complex, difficult problems in two ways: through the discovery and development of breakthrough medicines and through the health information they offer to health care professionals, patients, and their caregivers.

Lilly’s medical professionals also engage in ethical and meaningful relationships with external customers. They seek to build long-term relationships with scientific organizations, researchers and advocacy and medical associations, with the goal of sharing scientific knowledge, enhancing clinical practice, and improving patient outcomes.

Although they are Lilly employees, they remain health care providers first and foremost, and as such their primary interest is the welfare of patients.