Lilly United: From Hopelessness to Hope

Coming from a broken, unsafe home, LuWanna Jennings was sleeping on the streets by the age of 18. Then she got pregnant. By the age of 22, she had three daughters and was lost in drugs and alcohol. "Because of the decisions I have made, I began to think, maybe I’m just not worth it," she says.

But in January 2001, an elderly woman asked LuWanna to take a walk with her. They went to Horizon House, a United Way community partner that helps people who are homeless. She needed a coat to stay warm, but she left with so much more.

Through Horizon House and other United Way community partners, LuWanna resurrected her life, her belief in others and, most importantly, her belief in herself. Today she holds a Masters of Divinity degree and draws on that to help people on the journey from hopelessness to hope.

Need a reason to support United Way and its partner agencies? Look no further than LuWanna’s powerful story.