Lilly Trials: Transforming Research, Together


Today we are very excited to re-introduce ourselves as Lilly Trials.

Formerly Lilly Clinical Open Innovation—or simply Lilly Clinical Innovation—Lilly Trials continues to focus on the people involved in clinical trials. You inspire and inform our work: patients and caregivers who have an interest in research options, innovators who are working to make health care better, and health care providers who want their patients to get the very best treatment possible. Together, we believe we can make clinical trials better.

New medicines come to life only after rigorous research through clinical trials, and the Lilly Trials team seeks your voice in helping people influence the future of medicine. With our new name comes an even stronger commitment to push clinical research to be more connected and engaging.

We welcome your input through comments on our blog posts, conversations on Twitter, or chats at various health care conferences. After all, we firmly believe that we can transform research best when we transform research together.