Reverse Mentoring in Action

Workplace mentors are often older and more seasoned than their mentees, but not at Lilly. Lilly Field PRIDE—People Respecting Individual Differences Equally—is our employee resource group for field-based employees, and it shifts mentoring into reverse in the best way. The group's approach matches LGBT employees with senior leaders to provide mentoring that flips the traditional model upside down.

Two Lilly employees talk about experiences and learning from their reverse mentoring relationship here:

This unique initiative is featured in the Center for Talent Innovation’s new 10-market study, Out in the World: Securing LGBT Rights in the Global Marketplace. The study, sponsored by Lilly and several other global corporations, finds that increasing talent and consumer-market pressures can help advance global LGBT equality. It also highlights ways for multi-national corporations that operate in LGBT-unfriendly or -hostile countries to move their markets toward greater LGBT equality.

Check out the study to learn more about its findings here.



I really appreciate the reverse mentoring approach.Sometimes experience counts with add value tops like listening to the current trend of marketing , competition , and challenges in the field from a junior colleague or team mate helps to solve a lot of work-personal related issues. As motivation,inspiration and exchange of life issues and problem solving skills are discussed. Making Live better and Empowering diversity is a better working culture in every environment. Thanks Lilly