Putting Our Mission into Action

CityWay YMCA Ribbon cutting

As a company that works to help people live longer, healthier, more active lives, our commitment to wellness starts at home.

This is the reason Lilly chairman, president and CEO, Dr. John Lechleiter, and several more Lilly executives jumped at the chance to help raise funds to build three new YMCAs in Indianapolis. It’s also the reason Lilly served as the catalyst for a new urban center called CityWay—just steps away from our corporate headquarters.

CityWay, which includes a hotel, restaurants, apartments, medical offices and a YMCA, is one of the first developments of its kind in the nation. Together, Lilly, the city of Indianapolis and developer Buckingham promoted, secured financing for and built the new urban center. Last month, we celebrated the completion of the first phase of CityWay’s development at the YMCA’s grand opening. The YMCA is the crown jewel in the plan—an 87,000-square-foot facility that will serve 15,000 people who live or work downtown. The facility boasts two pools, three full-sized basketball courts with floor-to-ceiling windows, a walking/running track, and classes designed to support healthy eating and diabetes prevention. By supporting the YMCA, it allows us to pass along life’s greatest wealth—health.

CityWay YMCA cardio with view
CityWay also improved the southeast quadrant of downtown and helped spur additional nearby developments. We now look forward to phase two of CityWay—set to include a nine-story apartment tower, additional retail and office space and a parking garage. Development is set to kick off early this year and is slated to finish in early 2018.

We believe a stronger downtown unites all of us. CityWay is proof that partnerships with others who share like-minded goals can create spaces that benefit an entire city.

CityWay YMCA View of LCC