A 2015 Growth & Development Wrap-Up

A superior stethoscope that can save even more lives. Drones delivering packages. We even saw our first hoverboards! 2015 has been a banner year for new developments in every industry, including medicine. Lilly was along for the journey and here are a few examples of the growth that we saw this year:

Expansion—This year, we revealed plans to create and expand four innovation centers. In New York City and San Diego, we plan to expand our current research and development centers. This will allow us to strengthen existing partnerships with universities and institutes in those areas. Soon, we'll also begin building our newest innovation center in Cambridge, Massachusettsa strategic location that will help attract top scientists and bioengineers, as well as enhance our local business development presence. And, at home in Indianapolis, we will break ground on a new lab dedicated to researching small molecules in 2016.

Partnerships—Collaboration remains a critical component of development and discovery. We continue to work with AstraZeneca to explore new therapies for a variety of diseases. In addition to AstraZeneca, we look forward to continuing our collaboration with the Dominantly Inherited Alzheimer Network to find a treatment for Alzheimer's disease.

Development—Lilly remains dedicated to Clinical Innovation and advancing treatments through research. Drawing on our team member’s diverse background, this group of Lilly employees is tackling our most pressing health issues with a fresh perspective. And in 2015, they expressed their gratitude to all those who have participated in clinical trials.


Lilly remains firmly committed to improving health through both the discovery of new medicines and the expansion of innovative research centers and partnerships, innovation and creating new treatments. We look forward to the promise of even more discovery.