Step Inside Our Visiting Scientist Fellowship

Today's guest blog comes from Stevan Tomich II, a PharmD graduate from Butler University's College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. He is one of 14 fellows recruited from across the country to participate in the Visiting Scientist Fellowship 2015-2016 class. As part of his fellowship, Stevan currently works with Lilly’s Global Public Policy team.

Picture this: You're a young pharmacy student and have the knowledge and skill sets to help patients in various settings. What you may not be told is that your unique experiences and training can also help patients on a macro level in the pharmaceutical industry. What's more, a one-year program can guide you and more young scientists along the path of drug discovery. This program is called the Visiting Scientist Fellowship. With this being the official midway point of my own experience, I could not be happier with this post-graduate decision!

What I didn't know prior to applying is how much the program's Midwestern charm comes to fruition. Leaders will connect you with a personal relocation coordinator to handle everything from packing your belongings to shipping them to Indianapolis. And it doesn't stop there. As a group, you're introduced to a great city and many employees throughout the business. One of those employees is the Chairman, President and CEO of Lilly, Dr. John Lechleiter. He attends the interns-and-fellow reception—and he doesn't just speak to us either. He answers questions and stays for photo opportunities with all the fellows, a sure-fire sign of commitment.

Visiting Scientists 2015-1

Whether it's my co-fellow Alejandra aiding the CEO in her home country of Colombia or another co-fellow, Aidan, leading the creation of analytical pharmaceutical tools across Lilly's portfolio, you're a productive contributor to the team as soon as you walk through the door.

Lilly's Visiting Scientist Fellowship was my choice because of its ability to lend me opportunities in industry, government and professional development. These skills are paramount in granting me a strong, diverse springboard for my career, as so many fellows before me did.

Along the way, formal and informal mentors are guiding my development. As George Okpamen, a good friend and mentor previously in my position, said, The Visiting Scientist Fellowship is more than just a fellowship, it is a family. It allows you to not just participate in the nurturing culture, but to also craft the innovative mentality.” 

In short, he could not have been more right.


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