China Honors a Lilly CSR Role Model

Zhang_Guangyu_China_Picture 2015

Today’s guest blog comes from He Zhijun, Country Manager of the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership in China.

Lilly was honored with a global health designation recently. At the same time, such an award can't cushion the facts on the ground when fighting a disease such as multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB). It simply makes us want to try harder to counter a deadly illness.

During the recent Health China Summit, sponsored by the China Health Times, the Lilly MDR-TB Partnership was awarded the CSR Role Model Award alongside nine other best practices. This award recognizes the contributions of companies and institutions for their excellent work in the area of social responsibility, or CSR, including our work to combat MDR-TB.

The Health China Summit is a prominent health event co-organized by leading Chinese press and research institutes including China Health Times, the most influential health publication in that country.

MDR-TB Health CSR Role Model China 2015 AwardEach year, the Summit salutes CSR best practices and the most influential individuals in health care. It reviews health news that creates the biggest social impacts. Among all the awards, the Top 10 CSR Role Model Award is open to pharmaceutical and health industries. A committee of health-care thought leaders and senior health reporters reviews submissions. It was a real honor to be included in this top-tier review.

This award, together with others in the past few years, gives me a strong reason to work closely with respected partners for a better solution to the MDR-TB challenge in China. As in China, the MDR-TB problem is still a major issue threatening people’s health. It is difficult to be treated with existing medications and a costly disease to treat in the first place. MDR-TB poses a real threat to people living in poverty, and most terrible among its characteristics, it is an airborne disease. This greatly impacts a country such as China, the most populous in the world.

Looking forward, there is still a long way to go to gain control of TB and MDR-TB in China. We hope that through Lilly’s work and the Research-Report-Advocate strategy, we can push forward with TB control and prevention in this country. It is also the mission of my colleagues working in India, South Africa, Russia and the rest of the world. It is the commitment of Lilly to make people’s lives better.


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