Invisible and Deadly: Lung Cancer’s Toll

Sherie L. Reinders, Chief Operating Officer at Free to Breathe, shares how Free to Breathe is inspiring the public to take action during November’s Lung Cancer Awareness month. Free to Breathe is a national lung cancer non-profit focused on doubling lung cancer survival by 2022.

Lung cancer is often called the invisible disease.  There is not much public conversation about the disease due to the inherent stigma associated with lung cancer. But to the nearly quarter of a million American families who have heard the words “you have lung cancer” this year, the disease is anything but invisible. 

We often hear frustration in the voices of our advocates because stigma surrounding the disease forces many patients to keep quiet about their diagnosis. But in order for there to be progress, lung cancer needs to be a part of the public conversation instead of dealt with in hushed voices. We need to be heard!

During November’s Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we are asking everyone to add his or her voice to lung cancer by signing our pledge to take action. There are a few ways people can show their commitment, either through delivering symptoms bookmarks in their community, by sharing information with their social networks, or by making a donation toward lifesaving research through our national Paper Lungs campaign.

Free to Breathe is working to double the lung cancer survival rate by 2022. As it stands today, that number is only 17%. We are committed to funding research, enrolling more patients into potentially life-saving clinical trials and empowering the lung cancer community. We know that more visibility to lung cancer will have a ripple effect on survival through additional research funding and patient education, which makes this November especially important.

Visit us online to take the Lung Cancer Awareness Month Pledge and add your voice to the lung cancer community. Together, we can make surviving lung cancer the expectation, not the exception.

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