LUNGevity Makes Clinical Trials Accessible

andrea-ferrisToday’s guest blog comes to us from Andrea Ferris,  President of LUNGevity Foundation. Andrea came to LUNGevity through its merger with Protect Your Lungs, an organization she and her family started to fund lung cancer research following her mother’s death from lung cancer in 2008.

Outcomes for lung cancer patients are improving for the first time in decades, due to the recent acceleration of discovery in scientific research. Clinical trials play a major role in helping patients access breakthrough therapies and today, many people are alive because of their participation in these trials.

While clinical trials may offer patients access to the most advanced treatments that may help extend their lives, the difficulties in finding and enrolling in a trial can be daunting. Healthcare providers often do not discuss clinical trials as an option with their patients, leaving them to seek out information on their own. Many patients have difficulty with the arduous process of reviewing clinical trials online and identifying opportunities for which they qualify. And with more lung cancer clinical trials than ever before, patients must sift through a high volume of information that is difficult to understand.

To empower patients and enable them to be more proactive in their diagnoses, LUNGevity Foundation, with Lilly Oncology, developed a first-of-its-kind app that streamlines the process and eases navigation of clinical trial searches. The LUNGevity Clinical Trial Finder uses filters such as geographic location, gender, stage of the disease and histology and displays clinical trials from that are relevant to the patient in easy to understand language and graphics.

Our top priorities at LUNGevity are to support patients and advance life-changing research. One of the best ways for us to do that is to enable patients to participate in the research process, directing them to the trials for which they qualify. The LUNGevity Clinical Trial Finder is a big step in that direction. 

Visit us online to explore the new Clinical Trial Finder app. 

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