Why We're Fans of Part D

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Did you know Medicare Part D is so popular, 3 in 4 Medicare participants opt for its coverage? In fact, Part D subscribers give the program a 90% satisfaction rate. Medicare Part D consistently improves our public health system and makes high-quality care and easy access to prescription medicines a realistic option for those over 65. Here’s why they’re fans of Medicare Part D, and why I am, too:

Part D saves money. Recent projections show Medicare will come in trillions of dollars under budget through the next three decades, and the Congressional Budget Office gives much of the credit to Part D. Not only has the monthly Part D premium held steady at around $30 per month for the last several years, but its success also trickles down to other parts of Medicare. Providing seniors with their required medications significantly lowers the number of doctor’s visits, trips to the ER and other outpatient procedures that typically use a large piece (often billions) of the Medicare budget.

But far more importantly, Part D saves lives. Within the past 15 years, the mortality rate among Medicare recipients decreased  16% because of Part D. In other words, hundreds of thousands of people live longer and healthier lives each year. Recent studies show that deaths due to both cardiovascular and non-cardiovascular disease also decreased since the program took effect in 2006.

Why should you root for Medicare Part D? Because it benefits recipients in more ways than one - it saves enrollees' hard earned money and ensures they stay in good health well into their later years. Interested in joining the millions of Americans already taking advantage of Part D? Medicare Open Enrollment began last week and continues until December, so now’s your opportunity.