We Like: Founding Fathers of Innovation, iGrill, and the Chemistry of Fireworks

Welcome to We Like: The 4th of July Edition!  The Lilly COI staff wishes you all a very happy Independence Day.

The Founding Fathers of Innovation

Everyone knows that on July 4, we celebrate America's founding fathers signing of the Declaration of Independence. But, did you know that they also left us with a legacy innovation? This video from the History Channel shares some surprising facts about important inventions brought to us by Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington.

founding fathers



The iGrill┬« is an app-enabled wireless Bluetooth┬« meat thermometer. You can download the iGrill app at no charge from the App Storesm and Google Play Store to connect to your Apple or Android devices. This Bluetooth┬«-enabled meat thermometer allows you to monitor your food from up to 200 feet away. Your iGrill app will alert you when your food is ready via your Apple or Android device!

The Chemistry of Fireworks

Everyone loves fireworks, but it's safe to say that few love them as much as does Dr. John Conkling.  He literally wrote the book on them. With eight patents in energetics under his belt, he has mixed and matched chemicals in both military and civilian applications for over three decades.  In this video, he shows how all fireworks represent chemistry in action.