Reinventing Clinical Trials - DPharm 2012

DPharm"We need to reinvent invention."  We often hear - including from us on the COI Team - that the drug development model needs to be transformed.  How about disrupted?  And what does it mean to disrupt the current model?  What examples of innovation have been tried and are in the works to disrupt clinical trials and advance research?  These and other questions are the heart of the agenda for the upcoming 2nd Annual Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials.  We are looking forward to sharing our perspective at the conference and more importantly, learn from others.   We'll connect with other change makers, share ideas and solutions, with a commitment to testing new models and openly sharing results.

I'm honored to help kick off the conference with a presentation on "Disruptive Innovation: Moving Beyond the Talk".  I'll explore open innovation as a disruptive innovation, and challenge our assumptions of the status quo and what innovation really looks like.  For example, if it is good for everyone, is it really disruptive?  I'll share examples in our experiment portfolio and others', with a goal to set the stage for 2 days of creative exchange.  Watch for an update after the conference with my slides.

It is time pharma moves beyond talking about disruptive innovation.  The current tweeking of the processes isn't yielding the scientific, business or patient results we need.  It will take bold leadership to reinvent invention.  Let's get on with it!