PILMA Advocates for Better Health

walterToday‚Äôs guest blog comes to us from Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Industry Labor-Management Association (PILMA), Walter Wise. 

For over ten years, our unions have partnered with the pharmaceutical industry to work together to grow this important sector in our economy, create high-quality jobs and promote medical innovation to fight and possibly provide cures to disease. The importance of high-quality, affordable healthcare cannot be understated. For members of the Building Construction Trades, receiving timely treatment for routine checkups as well as emergency care is essential to getting back on the job and maintaining status in the middle class.

Together, we advocate for eliminating barriers to access such as high out-of-pocket costs, high deductibles and cost sharing. These barriers result in underutilization of essential care and reduced medication adherence which is detrimental to our members and undermines the health of the American public at large. We also support transparency in health exchanges so that patients can make informed decisions when enrolling in plans that will meet their medical needs at an affordable cost.

In implementing the Affordable Care Act, PILMA has steadfastly advocated that the principles outlined above be preserved and protected. The ACA is a work in progress and as it evolves it is important that the changes well benefit our members and families. That is why PILMA passed a joint resolution laying out what needs to be implemented and protected in the American healthcare system.

In the coming months, legislation throughout the county will be considered. I ask that you take the time to monitor developments in your state and make sure the values in our resolution are protected. This is a critical juncture for laying the underlying foundation of the ACA. It is essential not only for our members that affordability, access and transparency be protected, but for generations to come.

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