100 Lilly employees selected for Connecting Hearts Abroad

For 100 Lilly employees across 40 different countries, last week was a life altering event. They learned they were selected to be ambassadors in our 2015 Connecting Hearts Abroad program, where our employees serve in communities in need around the world.

I can attest to the life-changing nature of the program as I was among the first class of ambassadors in 2011. Now, five years later, 800 ambassadors have been selected for the program. The goal: to get out of the labs, from behind the desk, and off the computer. To be of service. To see the world through new eyes. To make new connections and think in new ways. 

This year’s lucky 100 were chosen from more than 900 applications. Their excitement is palpable and hard to contain—check out these selfies.

Jackie McKnight, an executive sales representative, volunteered last year with the Donald Woods Foundation, our NCD partner in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. She summed up her experience this way: “One of the takeaways I didn't expect from this trip was developing a better understanding of what it means to be a global company. I have worked for Lilly for 25 years and knew we were a ‘global’ company, but didn't really understand it until now.” 

Jackie’s not alone. A survey of our 2014 ambassadors showed that Connecting Hearts Abroad improves our employees’ global cultural awareness and positively impacts their interactions with colleagues from other countries and cultures.

And that can only make us a better company. 

Congratulations to our 100 new ambassadors!

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