The Her-Story of Women at Lilly

More than 135 years ago, Eli Lilly opened the doors of his small manufacturing facility in Indianapolis for the first time. Among his first three employees was Miss Caroline Kruger, bottler and finisher for the plant. Women have a long, rich history at Lilly filled with amazing achievements and important professional milestones.


Women have occupied many professions in the Lilly family: production line managers and bottlers, researchers, security guards, and board members. We have been committed to supporting all of those women, both professionally and personally. Programs that address work-and-family issues, such as part-time work and child care services, have allowed our working parents the flexibility they need in order to support their family while advancing their career. These efforts have not gone unrecognized: this year we marked our 20th consecutive year on Working Mothers Magazine's Best Company for Working Mothers list.

Thanks to our amazing employees all over the world – from where it all started in Indianapolis to Saudi Arabia, Korea, Japan, and Mexico - and the programs we have put in place to support them, we have also been honored as one of the 50 Leading Companies for Women in the Asian Pacific Economic Cooperative. This is all part of our work to foster the professional growth of our female employees.

The roles women hold at Lilly still continue to grow in influence and importance. In 2014, women have some of the most executive positions and lead manufacturing, quality, oncology, and compliance. All of these women and their accomplishments make up our story.

For a closer look at our legacy, visit our interactive Women @ Lilly page.