History Inspires Alzheimer's Discovery

Winston Churchill once said, “The farther backward you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.” When considering this quote, I am reminded of the ways in which history can inspire innovation. From the launching of a company whose heritage drives our passion for progress, to the partnerships that help change the world, the past can connect us to a drive for discovery.

 In 1995, Lilly purchased Dr. Alois Alzheimer’s childhood home in Germany to help preserve the legacy of his research. The work Dr. Alzheimer started in 1906 set in motion a global fight against the disease we now know by his name.

Today, that fight continues around the world. From international meetings like those stemming from the G8 Dementia Summits, to public-private partnerships like AMP, people continue to come together to pursue progress against this debilitating disease. Here in the U.S., November marks National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month. This month, let’s honor and support the millions of people affected by the disease, and those dedicated to finding a cure, by taking a moment to reflect on the heritage that brought us to today.

If Churchill’s words prove true, by looking back over the past century of research, we can hope to get closer to seeing the healthier tomorrow we wish to see. At the very least, the history of discovery can stand as inspiration for our future.