Stomach Cancer Month: Debbie’s Dream Foundation


Today's guest blog is written by Richard Gaynor, M.D., senior vice president, product development and medical affairs for Lilly Oncology. Recently, Dr. Gaynor wrote about the importance of  Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

November is Stomach Cancer Month, a time to raise awareness of a disease that attacks an organ at the very core of our being, making it difficult to enjoy the simple pleasures of eating a Thanksgiving meal with loved ones.  

This year, more than 22,000 people will be diagnosed with stomach cancer in the United States. In 2012, there were nearly 1 million new cases of stomach cancer worldwide.

Given the prevalence of stomach cancer across the globe, greater awareness is needed. Organizations like Debbie’s Dream Foundation continue to draw attention to this disease, advance funding for research, and provide support and resources for those who are diagnosed.

Debbie's Dream Foundation logo

Recently, we teamed with them to create an educational guide for those who are affected by this type of cancer. Please visit Debbie’s Dream Foundation’s website to learn a number of ways to get involved this month. 

While our researchers are dedicated to uncovering the science behind stomach cancer, we also wish to promote awareness about the disease far beyond the science community this month. Our hope is that with each new November, there will be accompanying new developments in what we know about this disease…and, for that, we can all give thanks.