Innovation Isn’t a Spectator Sport

For any of my fellow Notre Dame fans out there, you’ll know that it’s been a great season for the Fighting Irish. Watching the team come together for some great victories this year got me thinking yet again about the value of collaboration. Both on and off the field, collaboration involves taking disparate voices and building something together.

When we think about how this applies to the medical discovery process, it’s important to recognize that individuals can make a difference. We see this impact clearly with clinical trials. Participation in the clinical trial process represents a critical step in the development of new medicines. Every individual in a clinical trial contributes significantly to the final outcome of bringing new, life-changing treatments to the people who need them. However, collaboration in clinical trials doesn’t end there:

  • Technology Enhances The Innovation Ecosystem – Earlier this year, a collaboration between the National Institutes of Health’s National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute (NHLBI), WisdomTools, and the New England Research Institutes led to the creation of a dynamic role playing game designed to help educate kids and parents on the importance of clinical trials. 
  • Partnerships Improve Representation – In order for the clinical trial process to work, participation needs to represent the real world as closely as possible. We’ve partnered with organizations like the Roswell Park Cancer Institute to help bring meaningful solutions to these challenges. 
  • Sharing Can Shape Our Future –Lilly’s Clinical Open Innovation team embodies that passion and combines it with the delivery of tools that help facilitate collaboration in the effort to advance clinical research. Through the continuous support of the Lilly Clinical Open Innovation – Application Programming Interface (LCOI-API), the team has helped deliver open data sourced from to researchers across the industry.

Whether it’s a win down in South Bend, or the discovery of a new medicine, teamwork sits at the core of success. Encouraging participation in clinical trials, or simply raising awareness of their value, can help us meet the health care challenges of today and tomorrow.