We're Turning Over The Reins To YOU


Today’s guest blog comes from Lilly Diabetes’ Senior Director of Regulatory Affairs, Elizabeth C. Bearby. Elizabeth received her PharmD degree from Purdue University, and has been working for Lilly for the last 18 years.

In honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month and World Diabetes Day on November 14, LillyPad will host a month-long guest writer series featuring the diabetes community’s leading voices. Advocates, medical professionals, and people with diabetes will share their perspectives on issues and legislation affecting care and coverage, and the continued search for new and better treatments.

They represent people of all ages who live with diabetes – from school-aged children, to college students, parents, and the growing Medicare population. Some of their challenges and concerns differ, but they all need individualized treatment to manage their disease.

This past year has seen several advances in diabetes research and treatment, as continued innovation shapes the present and future of diabetes care. Collaborative research across public and private sectors has become increasingly common in hopes of accelerating discovery. New products and technologies were introduced – offering people with diabetes and their care teams more options to develop and implement effective, individualized care plans.

This year, the diabetes community also repeatedly demonstrated its ability to mobilize to ensure their voices are heard.

The diabetes online community has long been a source of support for people with diabetes and their caregivers – a place to find information or connect with others so no one needs to feel alone with the disease. Now thanks to social media and a passionate advocacy network, people with diabetes and their care team members are asserting themselves on issues affecting diabetes care.

Patients and caregivers have spoken publically to Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Advisory Committees in support of the need for new medical advances. They have engaged government officials to ensure devices and supplies are safe, reliable and covered. And through efforts like #DOCasksFDA and #Vote4DM, they have used social media to encourage policymakers to understand and address diabetes issues.

Thanks to these efforts, on November 3, the diabetes community will have its first-ever virtual meeting with FDA leaders to discuss unmet needs in diabetes. You too can join the dialogue.

Everyone is touched by diabetes – directly or indirectly as health care systems struggle to address the diabetes epidemic. We can learn best how to face diabetes as a society by listening to the people who experience the disease every day.

We are grateful to our partners for sharing their perspectives and adding to this important public dialogue. Please visit LillyPad throughout November to learn about diabetes and find ways to support this vibrant community as we all work together to address the challenges and opportunities ahead.