IPS Business Alliance: A New Path to Change

Education is vitally important to our future at Lilly. Today’s student could be tomorrow’s scientist or doctor, which makes our involvement with the IPS Business Alliance so significant.

The IPS Business Alliance is a first-of-its-kind partnership between Indianapolis Public Schools and 11 local companies that have a vision for the future of the community. Each company is paired with a school from IPS, and the collaboration is focused on fostering growth in schools facing the toughest challenges.

The goal the initiative is simple: improve student outcomes while making Indianapolis the most desirable city for teaching professionals. Lilly is paired with Joyce Kilmer Academy, a K-6 school just outside of downtown Indianapolis. Our support for Joyce Kilmer Academy will be centered on serving as advocates for their students and staff and a commitment to provide counsel and resources that will lead to change.

Similar to our other work in education, our involvement with the IPS Business Alliance will be focused on reform strategies such as innovation, early intervention, engaging stakeholders, fostering exceptional leaders and excellence in teaching. We are excited to start working with Joyce Kilmer Academy to identify key barriers and challenges for student learning and outline a strategy for transformation.

Public-private partnerships like this have become so important to bringing about change in education, science, medicine and other industries. We will continue to seek out opportunities where we can work with local leaders on projects aiming to make a positive impact on some of our community’s most important resources—its people.