The Fruits of Our Global Day of Service Labor

Last year, more than 24,000 Lilly employees in 60 countries volunteered in their local communities as part of the company’s Global Day of Service. As we gear up for this year’s Global Day of Service, one of the largest single-day, company volunteer initiatives in the U.S., we’re reminded of the lasting impact our service has on communities around the world, including our headquarters city, Indianapolis.

On Sept. 13, culinary students at Ivy Tech, a local community college, served delicious, handcrafted plum-jalapeño jam during a local Celebration Fall Creek event, thanks in part to the 2012 and 2013 Global Day of Service Fall Creek Parkway initiatives that aimed to further enhance the Fall Creek community. Last year as part of a Global Day of Service project, 2,300 volunteers from Lilly and 400 students and faculty from Ivy Tech worked together to help transform an area outside of Ivy Tech and Fall Creek into an urban orchard for the Ivy Tech culinary program. You can see the fruits of their labor here:

Recently, the students were able to utilize the orchard to plan part of their upcoming Celebration Fall Creek menu. “I was stunned to see the volume of plums on just two of the trees this year.  We were able to juice the plums and make them into plum-jalapeño jam, which we plan to serve in the orchard during the event,” said Chef Thom England, Ivy Tech culinary arts program coordinator.

The impact the orchard has had on the students at Ivy Tech demonstrates the importance of bettering our communities through service. These types of projects, as well as all the other initiatives we have planned for 2014, will continue to strengthen our homes and cities. Stay tuned for more project updates as we roll up our sleeves in the coming weeks and kick off this year’s Global Day of Service on Oct. 2!