A Global Look at Health Policies & Partnerships

When it comes to health, there are no borders. Health policies in one area of the world can have a profound impact in other areas of the world. This week, join us as we take a look at health policies & partnerships that can change health care around the globe: 

  • In Canada, our Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs, Bart Peterson wrote a guest blog about the importance of a strong IP regime to help encourage innovation and discovery of new medicines.
  • LillyPadEU joined most of Europe’s citizens on break for the month of August. However, before their departure they left us with some summer reading on the future of health care.
  • Over in India, NCDs were a big topic of conversation. The need for collaboration on this growing issue was the subject of a guest blog by Craig Waugh, advisor for Lilly’s global health programs.

Many challenges lie ahead in the future of global health. Dementia, diabetes, and other NCDs place a huge burden on patients and the health care system. As our world becomes more and more interconnected, we need to work together to ensure that people around the world continue to have access to the health care options they need to live healthy, active lives. Collaboration and partnership will provide the best chance of realizing this vision of a healthier tomorrow.