Destination Discovery

The journey of a new medicine involves complex research, global collaboration, and a rigorous testing and approval processes before new treatments can reach patients in need. Despite many challenges and risks present themselves throughout the discovery process, the reward of developing life-changing treatments helps drive an industry committed to improving global health.

To share our passion for modern medical discovery process, we created Destination Discovery. In this interactive game, you can try your hand at overcoming the challenges and finding the opportunities on the path to bringing a new medicine from molecule to medicine cabinet.

Click here or on the image below to play Destination Discovery!

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Hi Amy, It's good to see board games getting some air time. They can be highly effective tools for education and behavioural change in healthcare. Here are links games here that are simplified versions of physical board games; mostly aimed at HCPs but also being used by patients, carers and public. There are several thousand copies of the actual board games being used in hospitals, care homes and universities: http://ow.ly/ykWtD http://ow.ly/ykWzD http://ow.ly/ykX7S Regards, Andy