The True Meaning of Global Health

SESTO FIORENTINO STABILIMENTO ELI LILLY IL NUOVO DIRETTORE ERIC BACLETToday’s guest blog comes from Lilly’s Italian General Manager, Eric Baclet.

What does global health mean to you? For some, global health constitutes the crucial work we do to help discover, and increase access to, life-saving medicines. For others, global health means that and more. Here at our Italy-based facility, we see first-hand that global economic investments play a vital role in furthering public health outcomes across the world.

The future of medical discovery relies on our ability to operate within an interconnected global system. Investments in economies around the world represent a huge part of supporting and growing the innovation ecosystem. With over 50 years of history in Italy, Lilly’s economic investment has contributed to the transformation of the nation’s pharmaceutical sector. 

Pharmaceutical industry is a crucial sector in which investments are crucial since it impacts health, economy/production, research at the same time. The drivers of the attraction of foreign investments are stability of rules, solid protection of intellectual property, a fair and rigorous regulatory system and a political effort in reversing the fragmentations at regional level. To date, we have invested $541 million in our Italian facility and tomorrow we’ll announce the next step of further significant investments.

Later this week, join us as we trace the lines between research, development, health outcomes, and strong foreign investment. Lilly Italy will host President and CEO John Lechleiter along with other biotech experts to spark a continuing global conversation on the future of biotechnology, and the crucial role of investment in improving public health outcomes around the world. To join the conversation, watch the livestream and follow the hashtag #FutureIsBiotech.