Part D for a Healthier Tomorrow

For the last 40 years, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has celebrated May as Older Americans Month.  This month we're taking the opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of over 40 million Americans, and the policies that support them. Today, the celebration stands as an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of over 40 million Americans, and the policies that support them.

This year’s theme, “Safe Today. Healthy Tomorrow.” goes hand-in-hand with one policy particularly important for America’s seniors: Medicare Part D. For over a decade,  Part D has successfully provided prescription drug coverage for 31 million Americans. Year after year, research demonstrates that this exceptional program gets results.  In fact, a recent study found a connection between Part D’s expanded drug coverage and an 8% drop in hospital admissions rates.

Additional estimates show that decreased hospitalizations from Part D enrollees led to $1.5 billion in annual hospital-cost savings. Beyond these savings, Part D’s impact on participants’ health remains profound. Part D’s removal of cost barriers for prescription adherence allows seniors to have access to preventative medication that leads to a truly healthy tomorrow.  In fact, studies shows 92% of seniors rely on their Part D coverage for prescription drugs they take every day.

Few programs echo the spirit of this year’s Older Americans Month better than Medicare Part D. Between the improvements to health, the significant return on investment it provides for the American taxpayers, and the savings across our entire health care system, Medicare Part D truly embodies the potential for a safe today and a healthy tomorrow.