Lupus Foundation: Help Us Solve the Cruel Mystery

Today's guest blogger is Mary Crimmings, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for the Lupus Foundation of America, the only national force devote to solving the mystery of lupus while giving caring support to those who suffer from its brutal impact. 

May is always a busy time here at the Lupus Foundation of America (Foundation).  Why you ask… because it’s Lupus Awareness Month.

And while we are focused on building greater awareness of lupus all year round, May is the time when we focus on asking others to TAKE ACTION and join us in creating a better understanding of this cruel mystery.

This year all staff at the national office of the Lupus Foundation of America took the theme of ACTION to heart. All of as are trying to bring about greater awareness of lupus and raise money to support lupus research and education programs during May.   To make things even more interesting we made the effort a competition among teams to see who could raise the most money for the Foundation.

The effort has been wonderful and has shown us:

  • A little effort can have big results.
  • Making the initial outreach effort is the hardest part, but once you taste success you want more. 
  • There is a lot of competitive spirit within our organization (I think that is good sign for people with lupus.  It reinforces that we are working hard on their behalf to secure the best outcome.)
  • Everyone can fundraise – even those who think they can’t!
  • Getting others involved is rewarding and not as difficult as some believed.
  • Awareness and fundraising efforts can be FUN!

I personally have loved seeing the creative fundraising and awareness ideas come forth.  Activities have included hanging posters in local retailers, sharing lupus information on social media, happy hour fundraisers, bake sales, donation jars set up at local companies, personal fundraising pages and raffles.

waffle fundraiserBut my favorite activity so far has been Waffle Wednesday (full disclosure I’m on the team that hosted this activity).  Our team served up scrumptious breakfast for staff - $5 per waffle to help advance the Foundation’s mission.  I’m not sure who enjoyed it more those who baked or those who ate.    But in the end we can all be proud of our work to do a little more in our ongoing efforts to help people with lupus! 

This May, I invite you to TAKE ACTION and help raise awareness of and funds for lupus.  For ideas on what you can do, visit .


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