4 Ways Disparities Impact Diabetes Patients

With the National Minority Quality Forum’s 2014 Summit underway, we continue to explore how innovation can address health care challenges specific to minority communities. One of the key goals of the summit, as part of a continued discussion from National Minority Health Month, focuses on reducing health disparities among demographic groups. Diabetes stands as one of the most striking examples of these inequalities. As diabetes becomes more prevalent across the U.S., continued research shows minorities have been hit the hardest by this disease due to a combination of risk factors.

Our history of developing innovative diabetes treatments links us closely to the fight against this disease. We have a proud heritage as one of the earliest pioneers in insulin research and development, and continue this legacy in improving diabetes treatment for people around the world. Through continued research and innovation, we hope to develop new treatments and change countless lives.

Inspired by our history of leading the way in diabetes care, we constantly strive to improve health outcomes for diabetes patients. Since more work remains in this fight, the infographic below explores four ways that health care inequalities affect patients with diabetes:


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