5 Must-Reads for World IP Day

On April 26th, the world will celebrate World Intellectual Property (IP) Day. As I have said before, intellectual property protections support innovation and spur economic growth. This week’s LinkPad takes a look at how countries around the world celebrate IP:

  • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce commemorated World IP Day by awarding its IP champions. The IP champions consisted of innovators, creators and defenders of IP, and the award recognized their significant contributions to promoting and protecting IP.  
  • My colleague at LillyPad Canada, France Dube, covered the testimony presented by Karimah Es Saber, President and CEO for the Centre for Drug Research and Development. She talked about how Canada can improve its IP environment, and the benefits that would bring them.
  • China doesn’t have a great track record with IP protection. In fact, it has received criticism for not protecting IP rights. However, South Morning China Post reports that the country has made efforts to improve its IP environment, and it will soon establish a special court to handle IP disputes.
  • The Economic Times talks about India and how it continues to receive criticism for its handling of IP rights, particularly pharmaceutical patents. According to many, they have discriminatory standards of patentability which violate the country’s global obligations under the Trade Related Aspects of IP Rights (TRIPS) agreement.  
  • According to the Kuwait News Agency, The Arab League celebrated IP rights on Wednesday and called for concerted international efforts for their protection. Maha Bekheit, the Arab League’s IP and Competition Department Chief, supports stimulating innovation and creativity and protecting them against piracy. She believes it leads to social and economic losses.

Clearly, countries around the world continue to recognize the benefits of IP for their future. For a look at how intellectual property supports our industry, check out our World IP Day infographic and keep checking in on Twitter and Facebook.