LinkPad: Economy Grows, Health Care Spending Slows

This week, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released new information showing that the economy grew faster than national health care spending for the second straight year. Today’s LinkPad explores the lastest articles on what this continuing trend means for the United States.

  • The Hill reports on where the White House puts the credit for the slowing growth in health care spending. The latest CMS figures put 2012 growth at just 3.7%.
  • A story in the Seattle Times digs into health care trends leading to the decline in health care spending last year, the fourth straight year of slowing health costs.
  • After the announcement, the Chicago Tribune broke down how the U.S. spent the $2.8 trillion in health care costs in 2012.

The reduction of health care spending growth could signal the beginning of a long term trend, or a blip on the radar due to a stagnant economy. Either way, it’s clear that efforts at making health care more accessible and efficient have begun to bear fruit.