Lilly Global Day of Service – Part 3

I want to start this post by thanking you for your interest in our company and points of view.  We appreciate the time you take to read the LillyPad, and we always welcome your feedback. 

The Lilly Global Day of Service is now officially “in the books.”  It was a fun day for us and an honor to give back to our communities.        

In Indianapolis, “A Greener Welcome” was a great success.  This massive beautification project on I-70 will pay out significant benefits over time.  Next spring, when the new plants burst out of their dormancy—and as the trees grow and mature over the coming years—the full impact of the work accomplished by Lilly and our partners will be evident.     

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These benefits will be enjoyed by our neighbors.  While at one of the interchanges being spruced up, I had the opportunity to meet a woman who lives in a modest home that sits immediately beside the expressway ramp.  I can assure you, the view from her house, which is located in a tough neighborhood, is not good.  She told me that, thanks to our work, she will have—for the first time—something pretty to see when she looks out her window.  Her words were so kind and generous; she was genuinely moved by our volunteer work.  Hearing her sincere feedback was the highlight of my day.  There are times I have to think about the abstractions of corporate responsibility, but input like this reminds me that our good deeds (and those of others) can make a powerful difference in the lives of real people.    

Lilly employees were also doing great things in other locations.  For a quick sample, check out Amy’s LillyPad post from yesterday.  Over the next few weeks, I will provide updates on some of our projects around the world.  Let me start today by sharing some firsthand comments from our colleague, Laura Leach, who led our Washington, DC efforts on the day of service.  I enjoyed reading her thoughts about the day, and I think you will, as well.    

“Red onions are beautiful (I should know, I spent hours cutting them up during the Lilly Global Day of Service). 

Lilly's Washington D.C. office staff went to the DC Central Kitchen for the Lilly Global Day of Service.  After an orientation, we were hairnetted, gloved, aproned and assigned to our duty stations. We were disbursed around the facility to chop, slice, dice and peel our way through the morning.

The Kitchen does not serve food to people directly at that location, but transports delicious prepared meals all over the area to various shelters, halfway houses, etc.  "Every day, we turn 3,000 pounds of leftover food into 4,500 meals." I believe it. 

Like my beautiful red onion that's just one layer.

The Kitchen offers food-related programs such as culinary job training, catering, and mobile meals - offering food as outreach to people curbside in the DC area.

Volunteers can work in the Kitchen in various capacities, participate in crop gleaning (picking fresh produce for the Kitchen) and prepare donations off-site (sack lunches, toiletry kits, etc.)

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People there share their stories, and you hear how they have been filled by more than the food that is served.  A table of opportunity is spread, and the appreciation is palpable in how they speak of their experiences.  For the culinary students, the support does not end with a graduation from the program.  The Kitchen is still there to help; they stick with you. 

So, the next time you slice an onion, think of the possibilities within the layers.  The DC Central Kitchen is there because someone did just that. I was thrilled that Lilly gave me an opportunity to learn more about my community and the time to make it a better place.”

Folks, I can’t top that, so I will stop for today.  Again, thank you for your interest in LillyPad.