Diabetes, Life for a Child, and a Movie Trailer

True or False?  Almost 80% of global deaths related to diabetes occur in low- and middle-income countries.

Some people are surprised to learn that this is a true statement, thinking that diabetes is largely a disease of higher income nations.  Unfortunately, the growing burden of diabetes affects those in lower income countries, including our fellow human beings struggling to meet their basic needs. 

Sadly, children with diabetes living in these conditions face profound challenges.  That is why we are proud of our support of a program called "Life for a Child," or LFAC, for short.  LFAC is a wonderful initiative led by the International Diabetes Federation and Hope Worldwide.  With the support of our product donations, LFAC is currently treating 4,000 children, and we hope to provide enough medicine to possibly treat up to 24,000 children by 2013.  

In addition to our product donations, we have supported efforts to raise awareness of the challenges these children face.  Most notably, we have provided support for the creation of two compelling documentaries that "put a human face" on the problem.  The first documentary, which focuses on families in Nepal, was released in 2007.  The second, which premiered last month in Stockholm, focuses on children in the Democratic Republic of Congo; it is called "Lifeblood."  If you have two more minutes to spare, you won't regret taking a look at the movie trailer for this powerful film.