Engaging Young Minds in STEM

Lilly recently opened its doors and laboratories to a diverse and talented group of 21 central Indiana high school students participating in Young Innovators Quest. Organized by the non-profit Health and Science Innovations, the summer camp is designed to motivate students to become innovators in science, technology, engineering and math.

During the visit, the students had the opportunity to experience aspects of Lilly’s drug development process, including our structure 3D program and demonstrations on auto-synthesis. In addition, members of the Organization of Latinos at Lilly employee resource group and Lilly Research Laboratories participated in a panel discussion, giving the students a glimpse into their personal career paths and future opportunities in STEM.


The visit was eye-opening for one of the attendees, an 18-year-old Indianapolis senior, who plans to study biology in college but isn’t sure what career she’d like to pursue. “Seeing the level of science used at Lilly astonished me,” she said. “Kids like us who haven’t decided what direction they want to go are looking for some kind of spark. I definitely experienced that.”

Another student, a 16-year-old junior, loves science and math, and is leaning toward studying engineering in college. “Seeing something that you think you might want to do is helpful. It gives you a better understanding of what that career is and if it would be a right fit.” 


These are stories we like to hear and why Lilly remains committed to promoting STEM education in Indiana and across the country.

The enthusiasm of these young people as they asked questions and interacted with our scientists, researchers and other staff was refreshing and encouraging as we look to this next generation of innovative thinkers to help in the discovery of medicines that will help keep people healthy and improve lives.