Food and Hunger: Choice, Safety, and Affordability

Recently, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a healthy foods initiative with the largest US grocer, Walmart, as part of her "Let's Move" campaign to fight childhood obesity.    Mrs. Obama announced to a Washington, DC crowd that, "We can improve how we make and sell food in this country."  Unfortunately, healthier food options are often more expensive. 

As part of the initiative, Walmart pledged to lower prices on healthful foods, like whole wheat pastas, to bring prices on par with their traditional counterparts.  Lower prices provide shoppers with more choices in the aisles and allow us to make selections based on health and nutrition, not just wallet impact. 

Did you know Lilly is doing its part to alleviate world hunger and create a safe, affordable and abundant food supply?  Elanco Animal Health, a Lilly division committed to animal health innovation technologies (e.g. medications and vaccines), targets hunger by developing technologies that make the production of animal products safer and more efficient--helping lower the prices we pay for staple dairy and meat products that we purchase every day. 

Choice and efficiency are crucial to lowering costs.  Mrs. Obama and Walmart are working together to offer consumers more healthful options for themselves and their children.  Elanco technologies help provide sustainable, more efficient production by protecting the health of our livestock. 

U.S. domestic markets are not the only ones benefitting from Elanco's work.  With nearly 1 billion people in the world that do not have enough to eat, Elanco products and support are available in 75 countries worldwide.  Through its partnerships with organizations like Heifer International, the Alliance to End Hunger and Universities Fighting World Hunger, Elanco has been able to provide livestock and training to populations in Honduras, Indonesia, Latvia, Nepal, the Philippines, Uganda and Zambia.  As world food prices reached a record high in January, the safety and stability of our food supply gains salience. 

So, as Walmart and the First Lady move forward to ensure that everyone has access to healthful food choices, Lilly and Elanco are helping to ensure the safety and affordability of our food supply.  Beyond choice, Elanco addresses the abundance of food (an issue we tend to overlook in the U.S.).  By targeting innovations towards efficiency and sustainability, Lilly, Elanco, and its partners help tackle hunger issues at home and throughout the developing world.