We Won't Change the World, But ....

Happy Friday, everyone. Things are looking up heading into the weekend: the snow has stopped falling, the sun is shining, and -- at the risk of being a little partisan -- Butler is positioned for a national title run (my diploma says IU, but this weekend I am bleeding blue and white).

One more big milestone involves 10 Lilly employees who've packed their bags and are leaving today for two weeks in New Delhi as part of our new Connecting Hearts Abroad program. If you missed our announcement Thursday, Lilly is partnering with Cross-Cultural Solutions and sending 200 employees to 10 countries over the course of 2011 to engage in a variety of service projects. Lilly's ambassadors will teach English and math skills in schools (my friend and fellow blogger David Marbaugh will take on that role in New Delhi), provide infant and elder care, and help provide medical support for people with HIV/AIDS in health care settings.

You can learn more about the service work in New Delhi and the needs of people in India by checking out the Connecting Hearts Abroad section on lilly.com. Over the coming weeks, you'll see more information about India, along with other locations such as Thailand, China, Brazil, Russia, and Ghana.

David will be providing periodic updates over the next few weeks from New Delhi (as I will from Bangkok in August). Also: don't forget to check out our Connecting Hearts Abroad Facebook fan page, which will include updates, pictures, and videos from this life-changing adventure.

To be clear: we know we can't change the world. There's way too much hunger, way too much poverty, and way too many disparities to fix so many problems through this program. But if we can improve a few areas, even for a few individual people - and if our participation motivates others to do the same - then we're on the path toward success.