Video Vignettes: Lilly's Innovation Story

If you're a regular LillyPad reader, you know we devote a good amount of space to innovation -- and for good reason. Without innovation, we're simply a manufacturer. As a company trying to find real medical solutions for patients, innovation is our bread and butter, so to speak.

At Lilly, innovation takes many forms: environmental, manufacturing, advocacy relations, sales, and, of course, medical research. Starting today, for the next several weeks, we're posting videos about many of the innovative projects that are re-inventing our company. The people driving our innovative programs can tell their stories -- in vivid detail -- better than I ever could. The videos are just a minute or two each in length, but their powerful messages about our mission are gripping.

The following video features Eric Siemers, M.D., a leader in our Alzheimer's research program. Innovation falls squarely in the lap of our Alzheimer's team, and Eric masterfully explains our approach to addressing this complicated and horrific disease.