LinkPad: #HCSM (a.k.a. Health Care Social Media)

With Facebook announcing the August 15th end to its policy that allows pharmaceutical companies to disable user comments on their Facebook pages, we thought we would focus this week's LinkPad on the flurry of reactions to the mega-sites new rule.  Monday's scheduled change has spurred a lot of buzz on the Twitter #hcsm feed, so being a pharmaceutical company that is highly engaged in social media, it seems like our duty to bring you some highlights from the digital conversation: 

  • Pharma Marketing Blog's piece received a lot of attention.  Author of the blog, John Mack poses an interesting question: who is to blame for certain companies shutting down their pages--Facebook for their new policy, or the FDA for its lack of guidance or regulation?
  • Always the innovators, start-up companies have already developed tools to help pharmaceuticals maintain their Facebook accounts, while staying FDA compliant.  PharmaWall and the Facebook AETracker  are prime examples of how digital technologies are constantly evolving, even in this niche industry of pharmaceutical social media.
  • Relatedly, Drugwonks published a blog last week, that asked: "Is big Pharma a Social Media Nin-compoop?" (the link doesn't exist anymore)  We hope not, but agree with author Peter Pitts that healthcare social media has but one Golden Rule--100% transparency!

I would now like to address the digital elephant in the room--why LillyPad doesn't have a Facebook account.  We were a little late to enter the game, but keep in mind it's hard to play a game with no official rules.  Lilly utilizes Facebook for our Campaign for Modern Medicines , and we look forward to engaging on Facebook through LillyPad in the very near future.