Medicare Today Survey: Medicare Rx Program Works

Continuing the dialogue on Medicare Part D, just last week Medicare Today and KRC Research released the results of their sixth national Medicare Part D survey.  Feedback was resoundingly positive, with nearly 9 in 10 seniors (88 percent) satisfied or very satisfied with their Medicare prescription drug program (Medicare Part D is a collection of these prescription drug plans). More than 8 in 10 seniors have reported satisfaction since Fall 2006.  Since Fall 2007, more than half have reported being very satisfied.

Here are a few highlights from the report that emphasize just how well Part D plans work for enrollees:

  • 8 out of 10 seniors are saying that the Medicare prescription drug program is delivering what it said it would when they enrolled, it offers good value, and they would recommend it to their peers. Nearly 7 in 10 say they have lowered the amount of money they spend on medications.
  • 7 out of 10 seniors say they are better off now than before they had Medicare prescription drug coverage.  Many report they are spending less on their medications and that they no longer need to skip or reduce the dose of their medications.
  • Large majorities across all groups are satisfied. Men and women as well younger and older seniors are satisfied with their Rx coverage.  Across political party lines, the majority of seniors are satisfied with their prescription drug coverage.

Medicare Part D not only continues to meet seniors' needs and expectations, but has come in 41 percent under its original projected cost.   Can you think of any other government program that comes in 41 percent under budget and keeps 90 percent of its recipients satisfied? I hope you believe, as I do, that Medicare Part D works for older Americans and should not be changed.