Football - By the Numbers

I love football. I love numbers.  I couldn't resist.   Here are a few facts about football, in the context of innovation of course...

First, the cost.

  • On average, it costs $1.3 billion to bring a new drug to market. What could you buy with $1.3 billion?
  • 371 Super Bowl ads. The average cost of a Super Bowl ad is $3.5 million dollars. 
  • 16.25 million official NFL footballs. An official, unused NFL football costs $80.  108 of them will be on hand for the big game.
  • 2 professional football stadiums. The average cost of a new professional football stadium over the last ten years is $536 million. 
  • Pay the salary of (almost) all NFL players. There are 1696 total players and you could afford to pay 1688 NFL players. Calculated using the median NFL salary of $770,000.            
  • 12.4 million NFL tickets. In other words, you could buy out every seat in all NFL stadiums for 6 weeks in a row (approximately 2 million seats available each week). Median ticket prices are $105.
  • 11,000 houses in Indianapolis. The median cost of a house in Indianapolis is $118,100.; 2,500 houses in New York. The median cost of a house in New York is $504,500; 3,500 houses in Boston. The median cost of a house in Boston is $369,600.

Second, the time.

It takes about 12 years to bring a new molecule to market. Take a quick trip back in my time machine and see what was happening 12 years ago (and what has happened since)?

  • The Tennessee Titans defeated the Saint Louis Rams to win the Super Bowl at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta. That same year, Florida State battled Oklahoma in the BCS Championship game - the Sooners won.
  • Budweiser unleashed "Wassup" into the world in the now infamous Superbowl XXIV ad.  
  • Tom Brady was still playing at Michigan. Eli Manning had just started at Mississippi. Peyton Manning was in his second year at the Colts. 
  • Unrelated to football, but related to sports - We've seen Olympic games in Sydney, Turin, Beijing, and Vancouver since 2000.
  • George W. Bush was elected for the first time. Three presidential elections have taken place since.

Indianapolis may have been temporarily transformed into a football mecca (and we couldn't be happier), but, we'll be here when they leave.  Innovating.  Finding new treatments and cures for patients.  Investing in the future of health.

Game on.