Welcome to our New Pad

Notice anything different? To be clear, we didn't get a visit from the folks at Extreme Makeover. In fact, our makeover isn't all that extreme. We still are blogging about our core topics -- public policy, corporate responsibility, and life at Lilly -- and we're still very much focused on an environment on Capitol Hill that allows innovation to thrive. But 18 months after our launch, we decided that reinventing ourselves a little couldn't hurt. Our look and feel is different -- we incorporated more of a Lilly brand look through design and visuals. We've tried to make the landing page more transparent and easier to navigate -- including a better search engine and a section of "featured blogs" that we don't want getting lost with time. Finally, you'll be seeing more of LillyPad in other ways. Some of our affiliate businesses in other countries will soon be launching their own versions of LillyPad, and you'll see some posts from those countries right here (as long as it's relevant to our broader audience). Conversely, some of our posts in the U.S. will start appearing in overseas editions. The most important thing we can do, of course, is provide content and a reader experience that is relevant and useful. We vow to work toward doing that, and more, each day.