LinkPad: Look back on health care reform

In honor of the two year anniversary of the Affordable Care Act (and in light of the upcoming arguments to be presented before the Supreme Court), this week's LinkPad takes a look back at the last two years since implementation and the future of health care reform:

  • A U.S. Department of Health and Human Services study released this week reports that the Affordable Care Act has helped young adults get coverage and also ensured they're able to keep it over time.
  • A blog posted by California Health Advocates outlines some of the successes, challenges and potential future outcomes of the health care reform legislation.
  • According to an article in USA Today, the Affordable Care Act has provided seniors with prescription drug savings of about $2.16 billion.
  • The Huffington Post reported on a joint brief submitted to the Supreme Court by NAACP, ACLU and Leadership Conference which showed that if the health care reform is found unconstitutional, Latinos may be more severely affected than other groups.
  • In an opinion for the New York Times, Linda Greenhouse breaks down the legal argument about constitutionality being made before the Supreme Court.