Reconnecting with Our Waterways: ROW with Us

A grassroots movement to improve several waterways that converge in the heart of Indianapolis is gaining strong momentum.

A recently formed coalition of more than 100 community and business leaders has launched an effort called Reconnecting to Our Waterways: The Science of a Better City

The group --with input from local residents -- seeks to boost the quality of life in Indy by improving targeted areas along waterways and strengthening the surrounding neighborhoods.

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Many local entities have long been working on ideas and efforts to improve Indianapolis' waterways. The Reconnecting to Our Waterways (ROW) project brings these groups together in a unique collaboration to gather, evaluate, and prioritize existing plans and blueprints, with the goal of creating a master plan that can be implemented over the next several years.

Lilly is involved with the coalition -- and implementation of the first projects will begin on October 11, 2012, as part of our annual Global Day of Service in which the company's employees volunteer in local communities. The ROW effort will include additional projects and programs by other partners and organizations over the next several years.

Indianapolis-area residents are encouraged to join the process by voting on existing ideas or submitting their own ideas to improve the city's waterways.

Read the press release here. Learn more and start voting at

Stay tuned. And ROW with us.