More Numbers: Our Economic Impact

Yesterday, Amy O'Connor wrote about the biopharmaceutical industry's impact on the U.S. economy -- including the jobs of vendors and business partners who help us with our medical innovation work.

Today, we have even more data. On the website We Work For Health, you will find new numbers from several PhRMA member companies characterizing the impact of our industry on vendors in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas. The results are more than a little astounding -- and certainly meaningful to anyone who cares about the health and welfare of our economy. In 2010 alone, a dozen industry companies spent roughly $20 billion on vendors and business partners in those three states. (Separately, an analysis found that Lilly spent more than $1 billion on Indiana vendors alone in 2010).
In New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Texas alone, the industry has more than 34,000 vendor relationships. And across 393 state legislative districts, all but two had vendors doing business with biopharmaceutical companies in 2010.
These are big-time numbers. And, they paint a very real picture of our industry's importance -- not only for patients, but as an important cog in a healthy economy.