What Else Can We (Really) Do?

On Monday, I had the pleasure of presenting Lilly's social media history and strategy at a conference in London. The history part was easy: LillyPad -- our first major platform -- has been around for 22 months. We're not experiencing the Terrible Twos just yet, but we've still got plenty to learn.

The London audience -- consisting of European and U.S. communicators and marketing experts at the Social Media for Pharmaceutical Industry conference. -- warmly embraced our strategy of addressing issues such as public policy and medical innovation. And the reception was not unusual. Over the last two years, we've talked LillyPad in live settings from London to New York to Indianapolis to San Francisco -- and our peers typically offer two thumbs up for the good work.

For that, we are grateful. But it's a good reminder about a couple questions we need to ask more often:

What else can we be doing? What else should we be doing?

As our loyal readers, you know what we offer -- and you know what you need to become more informed. We would love to hear more from you: the good, the bad, and the ugly. We're always looking to enhance LillyPad, and we've taken a lot of steps in recent months to do so (more video, more guest blogs, and -- we think -- clearer, more conversational writing). And while we will remain a non-product communications vehicle, we're open to any and all ideas that make your LillyPad experience even better.

From London (where I've seen more rain in three days than my backyard has seen in two months) thanks for reading!